The following is a list of the dishes that my mother cooked for this blog:

Chicken Tikka
Egg Curry with Vegetables
Beetroot Soup
Potatoes with Mushrooms and Capsicum
Potatoes with Black Pepper
‘Doi Maach’- Fish in Yoghurt Sauce
Paneer Korma
Coconut Laddoos
Pulao – Made Easy
Chicken and Capsicum Garnished with Boiled Egg
Fish Kababs
Potoler Dorma
Malabar Spinach Leaves with Poppy Seed Paste- Pui Pata Posto
Guava Jelly
Pyaaz Kali
Green Peas Kachori
Stir Fried Radish Leaves/ Moolor Shaak Bhaja
Plantain Tikkies/ Patties
Stir Fried Fenugreek Leaves with Potatoes or Aubergine/Methi Shaak Baygoon/Aaloo Bhaja
Radish with Mustard Paste
Saraswati Puja, Whole Boiled vegetables (Gota Shedho) and Ber Chutney (Kooler Ombol)
Banana Flower Delight/ Mochaar Ghonto
Banana Flower Cutlets
Raw Papaya Delight/ Papaya Ghonto
Chicken/ Mutton with Poppy Seed Paste
Chicken Pakora
Tiger Prawns with Green Bell Pepper
Bottle Gourd Peel Delight

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